Consignor Instructions

Thank you for your interest in consigning with the Christ Church Children's Consignment Sale. Please make sure you read these instructions and the Consignor Agreement carefully.

Registration Information


General Information

We offer 2 options as a consignor:

Consign and work a full volunteer shift at the sale and receive 70% of the sales price for items sold. NOTE: It is the consignor's responsibility to sign in at the volunteer station prior to their shift, receive a name tag and check out after their shift is completed. If these steps are not followed, you will not be considered as completing a full volunteer shift and your consignor percentage will be reduced accordingly.

Consign only and receive 60% of the sales price for items sold.

A $15.00 consignor fee will be deducted from your proceeds to cover administrative & advertising costs.

All consignors have the opportunity to shop during the consignor pre-sale on Friday, March 8, 2024 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This is limited to the consignor ONLY. Please do not bring relatives, friends, etc.

Questions & Answers

Spring/Summer children's clothing up to junior sizes (limited to 50 junior/teen items per consignor), shoes, infant equipment, toys, games, puzzles, bikes, books, DVD's, Blu-Ray's, CD's, computer games and accessories, baby and children's small furniture.

All items must pertain to children.

We do not accept stuffed animals, VHS tapes, maternity clothes, car seats, cribs, fall/winter clothing, used undergarments, pacifiers or bottle nipples, room decor not specific to children or nursery, large furniture (including desks or bookcases). Absolutely no glass or ceramic items.

We do not accept any recalled items (visit

All items offered for sale must be in clean, good working condition.

Do not submit clothing that shows excessive wear or has stains, spots, rips, broken zippers, missing buttons or that smells of cigarette smoke.

Do not submit shoes that are dirty, ripped or show excessive wear.

All toys, games, equipment and furniture must be cleaned and in working order with all pieces included.

All electronic equipment, toys, etc. must having working batteries.

Our sale is known for the high quality items that we offer. Please help up maintain this quality so everyone involved benefits – if you would not buy it, don't ask us to sell it!

Items that do not meet our quality standards will be pulled from the sale at our discretion. 

Price to sell. Consider what YOU would pay for the item. Customers are looking for bargains. Avoid sentimental pricing.

As a general rule, items sell for about 25-30% of current retail price. Clean, excellent condition, brand name items command higher prices. Infant clothing should be priced lower due to the volume we receive. If possible, create sets and package same type items together (coordinating clothes, socks hair accessories, and onesies, bottles blankets, towels, books ,etc.) Pin these together or put in plastic bags and make ONE tag for the set. Note on the tag that the item is a set of 3, etc. This will save time and create a higher value.

Items to be sold must be dropped off at Christ Church at either of the following times: Thursday, March 7 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm or Friday, March 8 from 9:00am to 12:00 noon

We will NOT accept items earlier or later than the stated times.

Consignors are responsible for placing ALL of their items in the correct places on the sales floors.

To make it faster & easier to place your items on the sales floor, bundle same gender/same size items together with rubber bands, twisties or string.  Also, separate long items (jeans, pants, dresses, etc.) from short items (shirts, skirts, etc.) as we have different types of racks for each.

Consignors must check-in, verify their address and agree to the Consignor Agreement prior to dropping off their items.

We will be doing tag and quality inspections at check-in.  Be prepared to show us a few of your tags. 

Unsold items that were marked for return must be picked up on Saturday, March 9, 2024 between 6pm and 6:30pm.

It is the consignor’s responsibility to check all locations for their unsold items.

Tagging/Preparing Items

All items must be tagged using our online tagging system. No exceptions.

• Instructions will be available when you access the tagging program.

• Tags must be printed on card stock

• If you want your unsold item DONATED after the sale, tags must be printed on WHITE cardstock.

• If you want your unsold item RETURNED after the sale, the tag must be printed on bright, light or neon cardstock and marked for RETURN in the system. Please do not use dark colors as they are hard to read.

Paper tags will not be accepted.

• Tags should be securely attached to clothing with a tagging gun or safety pinned to the inside label or along a seam to avoid putting a hole in the item.  Tags should be pulled out of the clothing so they are visible to customers.  See example for location.  If you are selling multiple pieces together (shirt & pants, etc), safety pin both items together and place one tag on the entire set.

• Tags should be securely attached with clear tape to books, toys, plastic bags, furniture, etc.

• Shoes should be fastened together with string, zip ties, ribbon or placed in plastic bags to avoid being separated. 

• Small items or items with multiple pieces should be placed in plastic bags and the tag secured with tape to the outside of the bag.  Tape/staple all bags closed.

• Larger items with small pieces should be placed in plastic bags, taped/stapled closed and securely attached to the large item – only make one consignor tag for the set.  It is helpful to write a description on an index card and attach to the plastic bag that these items go with give description of larger item in case the items become separated.

• ALL clothing must be on wire or thin hangers – do not use thick tubular hangers.  Consignors must provide their own hangers.  Any clothing items not on hangers will not be accepted.

• Pants, jeans and skirts should be attached to the hanger using safety pins.  Please use the top part of the hanger so the item does not slide around. The hanger hook should be facing to the left.

• No straight pins or staples allowed.

Tag & Hanger Placement

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Reby Hopler by email at or call Christ Church at 703.425.3580

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